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Collect, standardize, enrich, contextualize and distribute product data

Akeneo PIM is an intuitive software that radically simplifies product information management. It is specifically designed for companies looking for an efficient solution to their multichannel marketing needs.

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From a technical point of view, Akeneo PIM helps to extract, harmonize and distribute data from different sources into the right channels. From a functional point of view, the PIM supports the classification, enrichment and translation of product information.

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With the CELUM Content Hub (Digital Asset Management) and our extension akeneo:connect, we can meet your high demands and requirements for the management of media data in combination with Akeneo PIM.

Provide your customers with the right product data - at the right time and in the right place.

Akeneo - thought end-to-end

PIM, Supplier Portal, Machine Learning

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Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition is the ultimate product experience management solution. As the number one open source PIM, it offers a comprehensive set of features to help you create compelling customer experiences.

Akeneo is available as Community, Cloud (Flexibility or Serenity Mode) and Enterprise Edition. We will be pleased to advise you on the appropriate option.

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Designed especially for retailers, Akeneo Onboarder provides a dedicated cloud environment that lets you capture product information from your suppliers in a kind of mini-PIM. From there, the product information is fed into your Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition instance without direct access.

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Ask Franklin is a revolutionary approach built to meet the challenge of missing technical product data. By using machine learning, Ask Franklin collects product data from trusted sources and makes it available in a reference database.

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Why Akeneo PIM?

Designed for effectiveness

With Akeneo PIM, you can significantly increase the product experience. You provide your customers with up-to-date, precise product information and therefore influence the purchase decision positively. Because a great customer experience cannot take place without a convincing product experience.

Designed for efficiency

It is your product and marketing teams that enrich your data with important product information. Akeneo has been developed especially for these teams. The clear structure, ease of use, smart functionality, high automation and multiple collaboration options make Akeneo PIM extremely efficient.

Designed for performance

Akeneo PIM offers high scalability and ease of use. Whether your teams support less than 10,000 or more than 50,000 products, Akeneo PIM will deliver a measurably higher performance in managing your product data. That way you are faster on the market.

Pre-defined catalogue model, because who wants to start from scratch?

Accelerate the start of your PIM project.

Akeneo PIM Accelerator for Fashion

One of the most important steps in implementing a PIM system is to create the appropriate catalog structure. This step is usually complex and time-consuming. That's why Akeneo offers the PIM Accelerator tailored to your industry - for a quick and successful start to your PIM project.

The PIM Accelerator for Fashion speeds up and simplifies the implementation of the Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition for companies in the fashion industry - be it clothing, shoe fashion or accessories. The PIM Accelerator provides a pre-defined catalog model that can further be customized to your individual needs.

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Pre-defined catalog model with:

  • Attributes, Attribute Groups, and a common set of Attribute Options covering common options such as color, material, and season
  • Families and Family Variants such as by size, by color, by size and color, and more
  • A tree structure for Categories and Asset Categories, organized by men’s, women’s, and kids at the top level, then clothing, shoes and accessories on the second level, and finally product types (dresses, pants, shirts, etc.) on the third level
  • Association Types for cross-sell, upsell, set, and outfit/look
  • Locales and Currencies for US, France, and Germany
  • One default channel with locales and currencies by country

Akeneo - your project manager for editing your product data

Akeneo offers great options for automation and teamwork.

Rules Engine – Automation

Define your own business rules! Automatically classify, link and categorize your products based on attributes and simply add your individual actions and triggers to the Rules Engine.

Teamwork Assistant

Start and manage your product campaigns directly in Akeneo PIM so all users know what to do, what attributes to edit, and which products to export for the next issue.

Migrate from your existing system to Akeneo PIM?

Multiple safeguards ensure that your migration projects is a success!

As an Akeneo Bronze Partner, a team of specialists will support you reliably and securely during the migration of your existing solution to Akeneo PIM.

To get the most out of your PIM project, Akeneo also offers a Project Success Assistance. As a partner, we are responsible for the implementation and go-live of your entire PIM project.

Implement your PIM with brix cross media.