General Conditions

  1. With the CELUM Toolbox, brix IT Solutions (hereinafter «brix») provides an online service with which various reports can be created and mass processing can be performed on a CELUM instance that is accessible via the Internet.
  2. The access to the CELUM Toolbox is done by means of the CELUM credentials (user name and password). All users are responsible for the choice and protection of their access data. Should any unauthorized use be detected by users, it is their responsibility to notify brix.
  3. All users are liable for account usage through their CELUM credentials. Any access that occurs through successful authentication using a CELUM username and password is registered and is considered use by an authorized user. brix cannot be held liable for any damages resulting from misuse of access credentials.
  4. Access data are personal and may not be passed on. Each access may only be used by the registered user.
  5. Access data is transmitted via SSL encrypted and used by brix only for authentication and communication via SOAP and not stored.
  6. In order to use the CELUM Toolbox, customers must register. You are required to provide truthful information about yourself or your company and not to use other people's identities. brix reserves the right to block access immediately if false information is discovered.
  7. The customer is responsible for licensing the API connection (SOAP) required for the CELUM Toolbox.
  8. All users are obliged to abide by the ethical and generally accepted rules of interaction on the Internet (netiquette) and agree not to use the Services for spam or malicious software that limits the functionality of the services.
  9. brix may modify, suspend or discontinue the services at any time without giving reasons. Similarly, brix may deny access to the service without giving reasons.
  10. If you no longer wish to use the CELUM Toolbox, you can contact at any time.
  11. The «reverse engineering» (even partially), as well as the use of «crawler», «spider» or other software for automated access to our services is prohibited.
  12. You acknowledge, understand and agree that we cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted via the Internet. Any data transmission when using the services is at your own risk.
  13. You acknowledge, understand and agree that brix provides the Services «As Is» and «As Available» without warranty or guarantee, express or implied. There is no legal claim whatsoever to availability, correctness, performance, etc., nor that the services will meet users' requirements.
  14. You agree to receive all correspondence including invoices via e-mail to the registered address.
  15. Obligations arising from the use of the CELUM Toolbox cannot be assigned to other persons. The account holder is always liable.
  16. These provisions are subject to Swiss law. The sole place of jurisdiction is Arlesheim/BL.


The annual usage costs CHF 190 (EUR 170) for a single account or CHF 390 (EUR 350) for all users of a specific CELUM server. If access to a test server is also required, we charge only 50% of the costs for this.

For customers of brix, the service is provided free of charge.

Terms of payment / Invoicing

  1. Paid use begins on the date of registration.
  2. The period of use is not limited. In the absence of a notice to the contrary, automatic renewal occurs at the end of the billing period.
  3. Invoicing always takes place in advance, in each case for the next year. Invoices are only sent electronically as PDF via e-mail and are payable within 30 days net.
  4. If invoices are not paid in full within 45 days at the latest, access is automatically blocked.
  5. The current prices are always published on the website in CHF and EUR excluding VAT. Changes will be communicated via e-mail 30 days before they come into effect. However, they will only become effective for the next billing period.
  6. The desired usage (1 account or unlimited accounts of the same CELUM server) can be adjusted at any time via e-mail to An upgrade will take effect immediately and will be billed pro rata temporis. A downgrade will be effective for the next billing period.
  7. Payments will not be refunded. The services can be cancelled at any time via e-mail to at the end of the next billing period. No refunds will be made for any billing periods that have expired.


As part of the annual service and support subscription, brix also offers support for the CELUM Toolbox.
If customers without subscription require support, it will be charged «on demand» at the rate of CHF 225 (EUR 200) per hour.
You can send your concerns or any error messages via e-mail to at any time.

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