Communication between users and systems before and after using a BPM system

Camunda offers sophisticated technologies and tools to optimally automate processes and workflows. The platform provides the necessary transparency, flexibility and scalability of complex business processes for today's digital enterprise. Camunda is lightweight, developer-friendly and powerful.

The flexible orchestration of microservices, as well as the simple integration of your existing business processes, will take your company a big step further in the digital transformation.

Increase customer satisfaction by making your business processes more efficient through automation and optimization. Set yourself apart from your competitors, increase your sales and achieve your business goals faster.

DSC 1157 001 Chris 1
DSC 1157 001 Chris 1

Automation of workflows is the key to more quality and efficiency – with Camunda you reduce your effort, response times, error rates and risks. Camunda offers our customers customized solutions that are tailored to their individual needs.

Christian Mächler
Senior Software Engineer & Camunda Champion

Do you also want to automate your business processes?

DSC 0444 001 kev

«We are always available for questions or demonstrations. With our expertise and Camunda's smart solutions, we can take your business processes to a new level.»

Kevin Lang
Head of BPM

Camunda Chapter

Low-code with Camunda Connectors

We run the Camunda Chapter Basel to unite the local Camunda community and share knowledge about industries and the latest Camunda developments. Whether you are an experienced Camunda user or simply curious about process automation, our chapter offers valuable insights and information for all interested parties. Visit our Camunda Chapter website to attend the next event or become part of our Camunda Chapter community

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Reach your goals faster

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«Improve customer satisfaction, differentiate yourself from the competition and increase your revenue by automating and optimizing your business processes.»

Philipp Böhner
Sales Manager

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