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As a company, you are interested in making certain digital media available to your website visitors. In doing so, you always want to display the most current files that have been approved for this purpose and, depending on the case, only authorized persons should be able to download them. For this to work properly, a seamless connection to your digital asset management system is essential.

With brix:anura you can integrate your digital assets, e.g. as image and video galleries or document downloads, at any point in existing websites or brand portals – easily and flexibly. This keeps them up-to-date at all times and eliminates the need for manual maintenance in the content management system (CMS).


brix:anura consists of an API for the backend (Bynder, CELUM or Sharedien) and an extensive collection of components for the frontend.

The components for brix:anura, which we are constantly developing, allow you to easily integrate your assets - directly from your specific data source, into almost all web-based platforms and completely in your corporate design.

Access to brix:anura can be defined according to your needs. For example, specify authentication for existing DAM users or user verification via OpenID server.

In addition to seamless integration of multimedia data into any website, brix:anura can also be used as an asset picker in combination with other systems. Likewise, only the brix:anura API can be used.

Hands-on live demo

Test the functionalities of brix:anura live on our demo page and get a first impression.

We are also happy to show you customer examples and support you with the integration into your website.

Test the live demo
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