brix:anura Easy Share

The challenge:

Sharing media collections with external parties, for example as a download portal, generates considerable effort. And for a cleaner presentation – completely CI-/CD-compliant – approvals and some fine-tuning are needed. 

The solution:

With the module «brix:anura Easy Share», the setup of microsite in target group specific branding becomes easy and fast. With CELUM DAM, brix:anura and a few clicks in the add-on module, a media collection with an appealing look is created that can be shared effortlessly – similar to CELUM «Smart Views», but configurable with your templates. Moreover, as soon as a template is selected, the layout of the microsite thus created is immediately visible.

«brix:anura Easy Share» is ideally suited for the creation of:

  • tailor-made download portals
  • Micro-sites on the CELUM Server

The great thing is:

  • everything corresponds to your corporate design
  • the anura endpoint is selectable (handles permissions)

The benefits in short:

  • only media collections with a beautiful, brand-compliant appearance go out to customers, partners, and agencies
  • Micro-sites can be created by all users of an authorized user group in a few seconds, directly on any node in CELUM DAM

We will be happy to assist you with the creation of the templates.

Get customized download portals and microsites with brix:anura Easy Share