As a company, you are constantly working on optimizing structures and business processes and adapting them to internal and external circumstances. A business process comprises several successive tasks and activities that help your company to achieve its business goals.

Business Process Management (BPM) creates the foundation required for this. Successfully documented and automated processes offer a significant competitive advantage and immense savings potential. Use your resources more efficiently with BPM and achieve your business objectives faster. Adapt your processes to the constantly changing market requirements and conditions by guiding your processes holistically through the BPM lifecycle and efficiently designing, monitoring and continuously optimizing them.

Process digitization

Increase efficiency and improve quality in the company

Digitizing processes means using digital technologies and platforms to convert manual or analogue processes into digital formats. This makes it possible to record, analyze, model, automate and optimize business processes.

By digitizing your processes, you increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve the quality of customer service, products and services.

DSC2979 001 jeann
DSC2979 001 jeann

Generate added value for your company with a sophisticated business process management concept. When implemented correctly, BPM is efficient and productive, error rates are reduced, costs are cut and risks are minimized.

Jeannine Imhasly
Software Engineer

BPM Ambassador-Programm

Become an ambassador for process automation
BPM Ambassador Programm

The advantages of process automation are numerous, but the potential is far from exhausted in many companies. Processes that lack transparency leave room for optimization.

That's where you come in as an ambassador for process automation!

  • Work with us to promote dialog about the benefits of automation in companies
  • Help us to raise awareness for optimization

  • Simplify the entry into automation for other companies

Interested? Become a BPM Ambassador.

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Our BPM solutions

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Discover the comprehensive ADONIS BPM Suite software platform, which enables you to thoroughly examine, visualize, document, improve and monitor your operational processes. ADONIS is the key to transforming your business processes to strengthen your competitiveness. Bring efficiency and productivity to the top of your priority list.

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Optimize your efficiency, reduce costs and increase the quality of your services with Camunda's BPM platform. Thanks to Camunda, you can easily visualize, automate, monitor and continuously improve your operational processes. Experience the groundbreaking future of process orchestration and maximize the use of your resources.

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The easy way to get started with process digitization

Start your digital transformation with cost-efficient BPM bundles

The cost of process digitization depends on your individual needs. With our BPM bundles, we make your path to digital transformation easier with a clear service offering and transparent pricing, ideal for both industry newcomers and established BPM companies.

Discover our options and start your digitalization journey today.

Maximize your efficiency with BPM

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«Let us optimize your internal processes to achieve your goals faster. We would be happy to advise you on the topic of Business Process Management.»

Kevin Lang
Head of BPM

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