DAM Migrator

The rapid pace of digital development is creating new challenges for businesses, and innovative approaches are critical in the competitive marketplace. Modern enterprises rely on digital asset management (DAM) systems to efficiently manage digital media such as images, videos, graphics, documents, and more.

When a DAM system no longer meets current requirements, a switch to a more suitable system takes place, often involving a time-consuming data migration.

Efficient DAM migration instead of export / import

Migrating digital content to a new DAM system is a crucial step that often involves significant manual export and import efforts. To ensure that this transition goes smoothly, careful planning and implementation is required. This is where the advantages of the General DAM Migrator come into play.

The DAM Migrator in use

DAM Migrator

Overall, the General DAM Migrator is an indispensable tool for companies that want to successfully migrate their digital assets to a new DAM system. It is already available for a number of source and target systems (highlighted in blue in the figure) and enables time, resource, and cost savings while ensuring the quality and integrity of your data.

The General DAM Migrator is available on a rental model and can be subscribed to based on asset volume and migration timeframe. If your DAM combination is not yet listed, please contact us.

Seamless data migration: how to switch smoothly from one system to another

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«Use the General DAM Migrator for secure and efficient migration.»

David von Ah
Lead Software Engineer
Senior Technical Consultant

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