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Tuning for your CELUM installation

brix offers you with CELUM Toolbox useful features for your CELUM installation.

Export in a simple way following data:

  • Metadata of all assets of a node (also recursive) including thumbnails of your assets
  • Information fields (localized text and text area) for translation
  • Information field overview with ID, labels, fieldsets and asset types
  • Direct and inherited node authorizations including subnodes 
  • Node structure
  • User data filterable by group and status
  • User groups including description and parent and child relationships
  • User group hierarchy visualized as directed graph
  • Statistics

Import in a simple way following data:

  • Metadata (e.g. for translation)
  • Node Structure
  • Node Metadata
  • User (including their assignment to user groups and automatic sending of password reset link)

For all brix customers with CELUM ContentHub, easyDAM.ch and Liberty DAM the use is free of charge. 

Other CELUM customers pay CHF 190 (EUR 170) annually for use with one account or CHF 390 (EUR 350) for any number of accounts on the same CELUM server.


By registering or using a service at Toolbox for CELUM Team Edition or CELUM Toolbox, the user agrees to the terms of use. These are also valid for the free use by the customers of brix.

brix can adapt the terms of use at any time, e.g. to new legal regulations. All account holders who use the CELUM Toolbox will be notified of changes via e-mail. By continuing to use the services, the most recent terms and conditions of use will be accepted.