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brix Engineering Products

Should you be unable to find a solution in the market that is suitable for you, we will develop a customized software solution that meets your requirements 100 %. brix:papilio (W2P) or brix:corvus (Editorial System) are examples of Swiss made by brix products.

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Skills of our Software Engineers

We have a team of developers with a wide range of skills – from Java, JavaScript, PHP, XML, HTML5/CSS to SQL databases and REST APIs. Together with our business consultants we create smart solutions for you.

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CELUM DAM Extensions and Connectors

As a CELUM Preferred Implementation & Business Partner, we develop specific extensions and connectors for your CELUM DAM – so you can seamlessly connect your assets with Akeneo PIM, or let your information fields automatically translate with Microsoft Azure Translate.

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CELUM DAM Customizings

To ensure your CELUM DAM fulfils all your requirements, we offer wide-ranging adaptations. We furthermore integrate CELUM DAM and all CELUM marketplace modules into your existing system environment seamlessly and without format discontinuity.

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We achieve your goals quickly and efficiently

Agile or classic, but definitely with Swissness

Project Methodologies

Decide which method you would like to use to develop your custom-made solutions together with us. Our development and consulting team has access to cutting-edge environments for the implementation of your projects.

Your Requirements

Through our dedicated and highly trained teams, the analysis, management of your requirements, solution design, planning and implementation, as well as the operation and maintenance of your solutions are in reliable hands.

Swiss made Software

brix cross media is a member of "swiss made software". The supporting companies are proud representatives of "swiss engineering" and are committed to the Swiss software industry.

We also offer hosting of your solutions in Switzerland.

Maintenance, Service and Support

With flexible maintenance, service and support offerings tailored to your needs, we guarantee that your software will be maintained and developed continuously.

Software Development – Expertise



Extension of modules of existing solutions or development of independent modules that meet your specific business requirements

Middleware Kopie


Designing, development and optimization of middleware



Development of interfaces – REST API, SOAP as well as the implementation of various import/export options.

Web Apps

Web Applications

brix:papilio (web-to-publishing software) and brix:corvus (editorial system) are examples of our successful development of web applications.

Data Management

Data Management

Analysis, optimization, transformation and migration of data



Implementation of trigger actions and other scripts to automate processes or actions.

Software development by brix

perfect support for your business's digital transformation