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A Content Management System for International Non-Profit Organizations, Associations and Companies

Professional CMS are often complex to use – which is perfect for professional content managers. But for large organizations that have hundreds of "editors" that aren't CMS professionals, maintaining many websites, article types, and implementing complex workflows, approval processes, and multilingual translations becomes a real challenge. The same applies to our customer, the New Apostolic Church, for example.

Our Software Engineering successfully met this challenge with the development of the brix:corvus editorial system.

brix:corvus abstracts the article types defined in a CMS in a simple way for the editor. It allows the editor to concentrate fully on writing the content.

The approval and translation processes are initiated and executed automatically. The complex organizational structure and its responsibilities are configured in the back-end of brix:corvus and are "invisible" to the user.

When an article is ready for publication, it is automatically published on the predefined sites/channels.

Numerous benefits and ingenious functions

What is brix:corvus suitable for and for whom can the efficiency in the maintenance and publication of editorial content be significantly increased?

  • For national and international organizations, such as non-profit organizations, interest groups, trade associations, etc. and companies that operate and maintain many localized, decentralized websites.
  • For a larger number of stakeholders in these organizations who regularly create, edit, share, translate and publish content on the websites.
  • For organizations that work on common content in a decentralized fashion.
  • For complex workflows and processes distributed over many organizational and hierarchical levels for the generation of journalistic content.
  • For fixed article types, such as reports, events, announcements, etc., which must be published regularly to reach and involve all members of an organization.

What does brix:corvus offer?

  • brix:corvus simplifies the creation and publication of content (editorial articles) in complex environments, in complex IT infrastructures as well as in complex organizations.
  • The complexity of all structures and software (organizational structure, workflows, processes, responsibilities, content management systems) are mapped in the background of the software and are not visible to the user.
  • The editor is led through tasks and processes of brix:corvus and only can see article types and tasks that have been defined for the specific user. The article types are presented in a simple and self-explanatory way for the user.
  • brix:corvus guides all participants through the process until the content is ready for publication and automatically publishes the content via interfaces to the defined websites and locations on those sites (defined article/content types).

Some technical and therefore further advantages

  • brix:corvus already has integrated interfaces to CELUM DAM and SSO (OpenID).
  • Roles (including the ability to perform specific tasks, such as translating into a specific language), channels and article types and workflows can be freely configured by the organization's administrators or by brix (Service).
  • The workflows can be defined per channel (e.g. for a specific website with a specific content type).

Tailored to every organization and every content process

brix:corvus is a development of our brix software engineering and thus offers maximum flexibility in the adaptation to your needs.