Small price, large range of functions

For all brix customers with CELUM ContentHub, and Liberty DAM the usage is free of charge.

Other CELUM customers pay CHF 190 (EUR 170) per year for the use with one account or CHF 390 (EUR 350) for any number of accounts of the same CELUM server. If access to a test server is also required, we charge only 50% of the costs for this.

Simply register and get started

Simply register with your existing CELUM user data and enter your CELUM server address to access the CELUM Toolbox functions.

Register now

By registering or using a CELUM Toolbox service, the user agrees to the CELUM Toolbox Terms of Use, which also apply to free users.

brix may amend the Terms of Use at any time, e.g. to comply with new legal provisions. All account holders who use the CELUM Toolbox will be notified of any changes via e-mail. By continuing to use the services, the most current terms of use are accepted.

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