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Take your multichannel marketing to the next level

CELUM's Digital Asset Management Suite enables you to optimize the entire lifecycle of your digital content and interact with your various teams.

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CELUM Content Hub

The heart of the system is the CELUM Content Hub as a safe haven for your media assets. This is where you can orchestrate your assets for all channels. Workflow-based automation helps you simplify approval, review, and other processes.

CELUM Content Portals

Content Portals (brix:anura) directly publishes assets from CELUM DAM to brand and guideline portals, self-service portals, dealer portals and many more.

CELUM Agile Teamwork Management

Collaboration through Agile Teamwork Management becomes possible with CELUM Workrooms®. In this way you actively encourage the collaboration between your teams.

CELUM File Syncing & Sharing

File Syncing & Sharing with CELUM Drive provides other applications access to any subsets of your media pool in an optimized way.

With the addition of Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management) and our extension akeneo:connect, we are able to meet all of your requirements and even exceed your expectations for managing product data in combination with CELUM DAM.

Thought through from start to finish

Wide-ranging integration options from CELUM

Do you need specific functionalities or integration with your existing systems?


As a Preferred CELUM Implementation & Business Partner, we offer a wide range of CELUM Connectors & Extensions. Additionally, we continuously develop special customizings and individual extensions for our customers and other CELUM partners.

On the CELUM Marketplace, CELUM offers many other connectors & extensions for various application scenarios, which are either developed by CELUM partners or directly by CELUM.

CELUM Toolbox - the added value for your day-to-day business

With CELUM Toolbox, we offer handy additional features for your CELUM installation.

Easily export metadata lists of all your assets, node structures and user data as well as import asset metadata, node structures, node metadata or users. This enables you to implement a simple translation workflow for your metadata.

Explore more about the CELUM Toolbox

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360° orchestration

Manage, upload, download, find, scale, convert and distribute your media assets securely to your preferred channels.

Easy integration

Solve complex integration scenarios with the ability to integrate multiple third-party systems.


Create different multilingual taxonomies (tag structures) in order to address your target groups in a needs-oriented and understandable way.

Agile teamwork management with CELUM Workrooms® makes collaboration incredibly easy

CELUM Workrooms® — where teamwork takes the spotlight

With CELUM Workrooms® you promote the visual and agile cooperation of your teams. Coordinate tasks, files and approvals centrally in one single tool. With one click you can configure the cloud solution and start collaborating immediately. The connection to CELUM DAM is a given, which guarantees process security.

Migrate from your existing system to CELUM DAM?

We'll get the optimum out of your DAM project for you.

As a long-standing CELUM Preferred Implementation & Business Partner, we support you with a team of specialists to migrate your existing solution to CELUM DAM reliably and securely. We achieve the optimum for you in all aspects of your DAM project.

brix cross media offers the installation of CELUM either on-premises or on-demand for rent (SaaS). Together with you, we analyse your individual requirements and implement the best solution for you.

We implement CELUM solutions seamlessly into your existing system environment without media disruptions. Become one of our more than 50 convinced CELUM customers!

Implement your CELUM DAM with brix cross media!