CELUM ContentHub 22.1

by Veronika Altenbach

24. February 2022 1 minute
CELUM ContentHub 22.1 Update

We have compiled the highlights of the new CELUM ContentHub release 22.1 (version 6.12) – in terms of CELUM Nova UI, WorkRooms and technical enhancements – for you. This is a so-called ESR (Extended Support Release). Perhaps one or the other function you have been eagerly awaiting has been implemented.

CELUM Nova Search

Improved Search

CELUM has taken the user feedback to heart and made the search layout more intuitive.

For multilingual setups, there is now an option to specify in which metadata language the search should take place, to be able to narrow down the search result in even more detail.

And – very helpfully – you can share your search configurations with other users.

CELUM Nova Handhabung

Easier handling

CELUM now allows configuring the date format for the user interface, e.g. to DD/MM/YYYY or MM/DD/YYYY. Also, there are more useful sorting options for the asset list in the tile view.

The best highlight, however, is the ability to add individual tags during a «batch edit», i.e. the editing of multiple marked assets. Tags that have already been used are displayed collectively under «Multiple Values», and additional tags are available for selection right next to them.

CELUM WorkRooms
Seamless tasking

Seamless task distribution

Create individual tasks directly from the CELUM ContentHub on individual assets and assign them to a WorkRoom. View the complete change history in the CELUM ContentHub and identify the link to the WorkRoom or vice versa to the ContentHub by means of a marker. In addition, all comments (including markups across all versions) can be exported as a PDF.

Coming Soon

Next on the CELUM roadmap are the following items:
  • Preview support for leading 3D formats in ContentHub: interactive visualization, zooming, rotation.
  • Share content directly from WorkRooms
3d Preview Support

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