CELUM 5 Power User Training

Even though CELUM 5 is extremely intuitive to use, it certainly makes sense for PowerUsers to learn more about the powerful features in a practice-oriented training course. Our certified CELUM consultants explain, focusing less on theory and and more on practical examples (incl. exercises),

  • the CELUM 5 basic concept and the basic functions
  • the procedure for uploading assets
  • the various ways to set asset metadata
  • the different methods to search for assets (and find the right ones!)
  • download or distribute the asset variants
  • new features like SmartViews
  • how to use the CELUM 5 desktop tools (smart.upload, office.connect, creative.connect)

At the end we show you briefly

  • which modules celum offers (e.g. printing templates, workflows)
  • which extensions brix cross media offers (see CELUM Extensions)

Target audience

Customers who are using CELUM 5 or Liberty DAM or are about to migrate soon.


none; but please bring your own laptop to take part in the practical exercises.


The PowerUser training costs CHF 500.-- per participant. CELUM customers who are supported by brix cross media get a 20% discount and thus pay only CHF 400.-- per participant.


The PowerUser training course lasts 4 hours and is held on August 28th 2019 in English or German (depending on demand) with a group of at least 5 and maximum 12 participants at the brix Academy (Baslerstrasse 103A in Allschwil) on the following dates:

28. August 2019
08:30 - 12:30