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Helvetia Group, with headquarters in St. Gallen and Basel, has grown into a successful, internationally active insurance group in the last 160 years. It is the leading all-line insurer in Switzerland and also has profitable market positions in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Spain. Its services cover the entire spectrum for private individuals and companies. In life and non-life business, customers receive simple solutions for complex and individual insurance needs - in line with the slogan «simple. clear. helvetia.».





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The Challenge

Since 2009, Helvetia is using the W2P solution brix:papilio for the efficient production of standardised communication media. Parallel to the planning of the new advertising campaign "Enthusiasm?", a complete redesign of the W2P solution was due at the beginning of 2013. At the same time, the CELUM DAM system for managing employee portraits and signatures was also improved.

The sales units were to be provided with a total of 32 templates (advertisements, posters, folding cards, etc.) in three languages with which the order of the print-ready PDFs could be processed fully automatically within minutes.

Edward Stauber helvetia

Thanks to our web-to-print service with brix:papilio, both Helvetia's marketing and graphics departments benefit from a massive reduction in workload.

The Solution

Easily extendable W2P system

The brix:papilio templates are created according to the CI/CD guidelines of Helvetia and can be easily adapted to new requirements at any time.

Web-based and autonomous

The administration as well as the template creation are purely web-based. Modifications (images and texts) are carried out autonomously by Helvetia.

Just a few steps to reach your goal

Each advertising medium is created in just four steps:

  • Template selection (in groups)
  • Input of the variable elements (image selection and text input, where allowed)
  • Live preview and preview PDF for review purposes
  • Order of the print PDF to download or send as PIN

Integrity of publications

Thanks to definable dependencies between the input fields (e.g. correct claim based on language selection or appropriate headlines based on the selected header image), the content and layout integrity of all publications is always guaranteed.

Dynamic visibility of input fields

Certain input fields can be displayed or hidden depending on a particular value selection, enabling multiple layout variants within a single template.

Automatic format adjustment

The "Ad Sizer" module allows automatic format adaptation within defined limits (e.g. to adapt advertisements to the print space).

Quickly producing special formats

For special advertising materials (team advertisements, advertising boards, textile lettering etc.), the orders are not rendered directly but are forwarded to the internal graphics department, where they are processed and returned to the automated ordering process.

CELUM DAM integration

The CELUM DAM system manages, among other things, all employee portraits and signatures. These assets are also available in brix:papilio, where they can be used in the templates along with the associated metadata. The selection via keywords allows precise filtering.



Thanks to the successful introduction and the systematic development of the brix:papilio W2P system, all agencies in the Helvetia Group produce a wide range of their communication materials in a simple, fast and above all 100% CI/CD compliant manner.

4 steps - 100% Helvetia

The web-based publishing solution enables managers in all regions to create their personalized marketing material in just four steps in accordance to the CI/CD. Even short-term adjustments can be made quickly.

Immediately productive

With the help of the user manual, users learn how to use the system in a short time and without special training.

Easy to use and operate

Users do not need specific knowledge of a layout program. Live preview, preview and print PDF are created automatically.

Always keeping an eye on everything

Thanks to the detailed statistics module, those responsible for marketing stay informed at all times about all W2P orders of the regions and branch offices and can create evaluations such as "which slogans are most frequently used in a particular language" in the blink of an eye.

IT workload reduction through SaaS model

Another cost-related side effect is that Helvetia's internal IT department does not need to be involved at all thanks to the SaaS model.

Continuous development

brix is constantly developing tailor-mades solution for the Helvetia Group. Regardless of whether you are looking for a mail merge module, online PDFs, "flow layout" (when text takes precedence over layout), dynamic QR codes or advanced statistics: there are virtually no limits when it comes to processes optimizations or other improvements.

Implement brix:papilio for a uniform market presence.