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Sonova, with headquarters in Stäfa, Switzerland, is a leading provider of innovative hearing solutions. The group is represented in the market by its core brands Phonak, Unitron, Hansaton, Advanced Bionics and AudioNova. Founded in 1947, the group is now operating in over 100 countries worldwide and employs more than 14'000 people.


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The Challenge

In the context of a rebranding, the parent company Sonova requested that the procurement of business cards for the entire group should be automated. The aim was to enable employees of the five core brands to easily create their business cards in line with their CI/CD using a central, web-based tool.

For more than 14'000 employees in over 100 countries and for five core brands, how can this requirement be sensibly implemented? And how can special fonts (Chinese, Hebrew, etc.) be integrated?

With brix:papilio we finally have an outstanding solution in the area of business cards to enforce a consistent corporate identity.

The Solution

Web-to-Print (W2P)

The simple solution is known as brix:papilio. The practical W2P system enables employees of all Sonova brands worldwide to create CI/CD-compliant business cards at the push of a button.

Easily integrated

The integration of brix:papilio with Sonova's internal Human Resources Management System (Sonnet) is done with RESTful API (incl. Single Sign-on) - for direct access to all relevant HR master data.

Create centrally, print regionally

The order is imposed on a printed sheet and sent directly to the print-shop responsible for the region. A workflow ensures that the supervisor is notified once the order has been created. In the case of sensitive adjustments (for example, changing the function description), the HR department is also involved before the order is released for printing.

Flexible templates

Based on the e-mail address, the system automatically assigns the layout of the associated corporate design. At the same time, the input fields of the template are pre-populated with HR data. However, certain areas of the business card can be edited as desired.

Sonova pressetext grafik


The close cooperation and constant exchange of communication between Sonova and the brix team led to a successful launch in Switzerland. Shortly afterwards, the practical W2P solution for business card creation was rolled out worldwide and for all core brands of the Sonova Group.

Intuitive usage

The web-based solution with a standardized Single Sign On process (SSO) allows employees worldwide to create and order their business cards themselves with a minimal effort.

Brand-compliant appearance

Inconsistent appearances and differing job descriptions on business cards have become history. Both brand-specific CI/CD and personalized content are now generated automatically - based on the e-mail address.

Country specific characteristics

brix:papilio easily handles special fonts - e.g. in Asian and Arabic regions as well as different writing styles with ease. Worldwide and in all languages (incl. language-dependent spellchecker).

Only just ordered, already delivered

Despite the fact that they are ordered centrally, the employees hold their new business cards in their hands after a relatively short time. This is made possible by lean processes and the integration of local printers.

Frank Johne

Employees appreciate the extremely efficient ordering facility. In addition, despite having a central solution, Sonova can designate a local printing company for each region.

Implement brix:papilio for a consistent market presence.