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Asset Marker

Marks assets with additional icons and/or text fields, depending on the value of an information field (usually dropdown or checkbox, but also date fields or node(type)-assignments for instance). That way you can see at first glance, if an asset has a copyright assigned or what status it has. It is also possible to use text or date fields to show the copyright info or the creation date in the thumbnail overview.

Every value can have its own icon and/or text and tooltip info.

For the validation and marking of assets based on their properties (e.g. minimum image size) we recommend our plugin "Asset Validation".


  • 29-Jan-2019: Support for NOT at assetType, nodeType and node
  • 08-Nov-2018: Support for number range conditions from-to
  • 09-May-2018: Flexible configuration
  • 09-May-2018: For CELUM 5.13 revised and compatible version available
  • 24-Aug-2017: Standard to show a clock symbol, when the asset availability is date controlled
  • 10-Jan-2017: Access to more asset properties, e.g. nodetype assignement
  • 09-Sep-2016: more flexibility to define the matching for controlling the info bullets