Asset Statistics

Want to know who downloaded what and when? This plugin can analyze specific nodes as well as single or multiple arbitrary assets, and is therefore an ideal addition to the rough overview of the statistics tab.

The time, asset, user, PIN, as well as the event count, is displayed both graphically and in a table which can also be downloaded as an Excel file. In addition to downloads, other events such as updated metadata and version changes can also be tracked. Furthermore, you can group by day, asset, user, or PIN.

Other functions:

  • user-friendly selection of the date by means of date field input, for easier and more accurate selection of the desired time periode
  • selectable standard evaluation «Top 100» for the evaluation of the 100 most downloaded assets
  • optional recursive evaluation, for easy definition of whether only the selected node or also subnodes are to be evaluated
  • display of asset thumbnails in the table
  • display of PIN link name and direct link to PIN link node for direct adjustments

If you need global statistics information, we provide the plugin «Global Statistics».

Get a visual representation of any statistics of your nodes and assets