Offer selected images and videos you manage in CELUM directly on any web page — simple, fast and effective. brix:anura consists of a CELUM extension for the back-end and a collection of modular jQuery plugins.

Deliver the right assets to your visitors automatically and without having to re-upload them in your CMS. Manage the selection through the CELUM permission system that you are already used to.

All brix:anura components are fully customizable and because they are actually integrated into your website (no iframe), they inherit most of the styles and can be adapted further through settings and CSS.

Mix and match
The front-end plugins are independent and can be mixed and matched as you please. Further integration with 3rd-party components can be easily realized through the use of callbacks and events.

Designed to be reverse proxyable for use with varnish, nginx or a cloud provider (CDN) so you can add as many "edge caches" as needed to distribute the load.


  • 11-Jan-2019: Support for anuraLoginToken
  • 06-Dec-2018: Solr: Indexing accelerated, second task for re-indexing without delete
  • 12-Nov-2018: Support for custom filter bean
  • 05-Apr-2018: Faceted Search
  • 05-Apr-2018: Blacklists for download formats
  • 05-Apr-2018: Search widget for Asset Type
  • 18-Jul-2017: Configurable blacklists for file properties (resolution, aspect ratio etc.)
  • 18-Jul-2017: CELUM Backstage support for YouTube, vimeo and MovingImage
  • 18-Jul-2017: Basic support für information fields in lists and gallery views
  • 29-May-2017: Usability of a node information field within anuraTree (e.g. for sorting)
  • 05-Apr-2017: Enhanced video player integration (incl. own video URL or player)
  • 02-Mar-2017: Optimized anuraTable (incl. responsiveness)
  • 20-Feb-2017: Display of metadata languages that are not available as GUI language
  • 20-Feb-2017: Support for node referencing information fields
  • 9-Jan-2017: Registered Download (with CELUM login)
  • 9-Jan-2017: Scalability via CDN (e.g. Cloudflare)

Learn more on the product page of brix:anura.

brix:anura Komponenten (Frontend-Plugins)