Configurable Date Sync

The «Configurable Date Sync» plug-in allows you to write different date sources (information fields, version date, availability) into other date fields (information fields, availability) at the asset level.

For example, the version date can be transferred to an information field to enable sorting according to the last modification of the file. This also enables you to only extract the binaries that have actually been changed, regardless of the last modified date of the asset.

Another option would be to control the «valid until» date of an asset using an information field (e.g. license expiration date or product expiration date). This eliminates the need to separately maintain the availability of media assets. They are automatically no longer available after reaching a certain date.

The extension is event-based, so changes are applied quasi-immediately. A system task is available for the initial sync.
Control any date-related information fields on your assets