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Custom Previews

The extension «Custom Previews» includes the plugins «Custom Preview» and «Custom Preview Setter».

The plug-in «Custom Preview» enables a preview for special file formats in the CELUM ContentHub, for example an animated GIF file preview opens in a pop-up window, or for a PDF preview the PDF viewer of your browser opens, whereby all functionalities (download, print, search, etc.) can be used. For a preview of 3D models, you can rotate and turn your 3D model in the pop-up window. Once the desired position is reached, the preview can be saved as a thumbnail with a simple click on the camera button.

The plug-in is extensible for almost any file formats, as long as a JavaScript library or browser plug-in is available to read it.

The «Custom Preview Setter» plug-in allows you to upload an individual preview image to one or more existing assets in the CELUM ContentHub, e.g. you can use it to provide a ZIP file with a suitable preview.

Both plug-ins have been integrated into the context menu for easy handling.