Custom Previews

The extension «Custom Previews» includes the plugins «Custom Preview» and «Custom Preview Setter».

The plug-in «Custom Preview» enables a preview for special file formats in the CELUM ContentHub, for example an animated GIF file preview displays in a pop-up window, a PDF preview is shown in the PDF viewer of your brower, or for MS Office 365 applications PowerPoint, Word, Excel, etc. opens, whereby all functionalities (download, print, search, etc.) can be used. For a preview of 3D models, you can rotate and turn your 3D model in the pop-up window. Once the desired position is reached, the preview can be saved as a thumbnail with a simple click on the camera button.

As of version 1.3, the extension has an even more user-friendly zoom function that is easy to use and control with pinpoint accuracy, and allows previewing additional file formats. As of version 1.4, the extension is now also ready to be used with NOVA UI. The plug-in can be extended to include additional file formats on request.

The «Custom Preview Setter» plug-in allows you to upload an individual preview image to one or more existing assets in the CELUM ContentHub, e.g. you can use it to provide a ZIP file with a suitable preview.

Both plug-ins have been integrated into the context menu for easy handling.

Want interactive and advanced previews for your assets?