Filename Decoder

Copy and paste important information from an asset's file name manually into an info field on your CELUM DAM? That doesn't have to be the case. That's what our «Filename Decoder» is for.

With the «Filename Decoder», information can be extracted from the file name as soon as a new asset, for example a mood or product image, a new video or a presentation, is uploaded to the CELUM DAM and assigned to a structure node.

The extracted information can be used immediately and automatically filled into an information field.

What is searched for and where the extracted information is stored can be conveniently set in the configuration of the «Filename Decoder».

Application examples for extracting from filename:

  • Article number / item number
  • Photographer
  • Category of a product image or mood image
  • Language variant of a video or document
  • File format / file extension
Filename Decoder Configuration 1
Easily extract metadata from the filename with Filename Decoder