Frontify Connect

Frontify is a cloud-based brand management platform built to increase brand consistency, efficiency, and collaboration in design. A built-in design system, smart templates, and numerous integrations make Frontify the perfect solution for tangible brand guidelines – from colors and typography to tonality and code.

Are you already using CELUM as a central content hub for all digital assets including logos, pictos, key visuals, etc. or do you already rely on Frontify and still need a powerful DAM system?

Use Frontify Connect to combine the two platforms and ensure a smooth collaboration. The brand assets managed in CELUM ContentHub, including the associated metadata such as title, description, keyword tags, copyright and status information, as well as custom metadata, are synchronized with Frontify and are always available in the latest version.

Extend the functionality of both systems with Frontify Connect to address the high demands of asset management and distribution as well as brand communication in a comprehensive way.

Connect Frontify with CELUM and unite the strengths of both platforms!