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Magnolia Connect Extension

Magnolia extension that allows you to search, select and place CELUM assets directly inside Magnolia CMS components. The CELUM assets are linked (instead of copied), ensuring that they are always up-to-date. For static links and the ability to cache these images, the brix Extension "Direct Download" is delivered as part of Magnolia Connect. Through that extension, the use of assets in the Magnolia CMS can be written back to an information field to mark the reference in CELUM, which in turn could then be used to mark the asset through our AssetMarker.

In the plugin's configuration, you can specify the API key of the CELUM user and the ID of the CELUM root node that should be used.

On the Magnolia side, the connector provides a DAM content app for CELUM assets. This can be used by your Magnolia partner inside the CMS for integration into custom components and to determine the CELUM download format (i.e. to ensure that images are always placed in a specific web format and documents always as PDF).

System requirements:

  • Magnolia CMS 5.4+
  • 1 licensed API connection