MS Azure Autotagger

The «MS Azure Autotagger» uses the outstanding image recognition technology of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services (AI services) and enables automatic tagging of your images in the CELUM ContentHub.

The intuitive tagging of images through object recognition, brand recognition and identification of background, foreground and accent colors categorizes your assets for a perfect search experience. Automatic image tagging helps all users access the important content in each image. Especially important is the use of captions to create a photo description, known as Alt text, in a web page or document for blind or visually impaired people.

The extension is also capable of tagging special image properties such as black/white, suggestive or racy images, for example to prevent them from being published on an embedded website.

Simply start the tag command manually via the context menu on your DAM system or automatically via a previously defined search expression.

The keywords (in English) are stored in the CELUM ContentHub on a defined node-referencing information field. With the additional Auto Translate module, the generated keywords can be automatically translated into various languages.

Note: Pricing and availability can be checked directly on the MS Azure Cognitive Services website.

Are you interested in connecting further MS Azure Cognitive Services, such as face recognition or video indexing?