Connect is a cloud-based Enterprise Content Buying® platform where marketers, art buyers, or editors can easily search, find, and acquire images, videos, and other content types from major stock suppliers such as Getty Images, iStock, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and more. A unique license management system helps to ensure that the license terms of the acquired assets are met. Connect builds the bridge between and the CELUM ContentHub. Through this connection, a central storage location is created for all purchased assets. Multiple purchases become a thing of the past.

Assets purchased via are stored into a pre-defined folder on the ContentHub and can be relocated as desired from there. Metadata supplied with the assets are automatically stored on your CELUM DAM system.

As a partner, we are looking forward to supporting you in optimising your asset acquisition and presenting the advantages that our customers have achieved.

Connect directly to CELUM with Connect, and facilitate your search for stock images