Vimeo Connect

With the Vimeo Connector, you can manage your video campaigns on the Vimeo streaming platform directly via the CELUM ContentHub, using the ContentHub as the central system to manage your video content. 

The Vimeo Connector allows you to synchronize your videos with Vimeo in a simple and straightforward way. You define the metadata mapping via the Orchestration Module included in the CELUM ContentHub. Titles or short descriptions, for example, can be transferred directly from CELUM. In addition, you can configure the frequency at which the synchronization should take place and determine whether your videos should be published automatically. You can also select one or more presentation channels.

With Vimeo Connect, multichannel publishing is massively simplified.

Check out our brix Vimeo channel

System requirements:

  • 1 licensed Omnichannel Content Orchestrator endpoint
Manage your video campaigns directly through CELUM Contenthub. Simple and straightforward!