Workfront Connect

«Workfront Connect» brings CELUM Content Hub structures and associated assets such as images, documents, and videos directly and easily into Adobe Workfront. Direct linking from Workfront makes it easy to navigate, select, and use assets. Sophisticated configuration allows you to define which nodes are accessed and which search criteria are used to filter assets. The fact that the data only needs to be maintained in one place prevents parallel data storage and differences that lead to errors, and also greatly reduces the time and effort required for data maintenance. The multiple use of the data increases its usefulness.

The implementation has the full functionality of the Workfront Document Webhooks API, making all future functionality immediately available.

These functionalities include:

  • Obtain metadata from an asset or node from the DAM system.
  • Synchronize changes on the node in Adobe Workfront
  • Display index over content of a node in Workfront
  • Acquire asset metadata

Direct connection to CELUM DAM allows same-named users in Adobe Workfront and CELUM Content Hub to be mapped directly from a single point of truth (e.g. LDAP). This allows user rights to be maintained more cleanly and reduces the effort required to maintain them.

Connect Adobe Workfront to your CELUM Content Hub!