Sharedien Content Hub Editor User Training

Even though Sharedien Content Hub is extremely intuitive to use, it makes sense for Editor users to get to grips with it in a practice-oriented training course and try out the powerful features under expert guidance. Our certified Sharedien consultants explain with little theory and a lot of practice (incl. exercises)

  • the Sharedien basic concept and functions
  • the procedure for uploading assets
  • the use of Sharedien Workspaces
  • the use of Sharedien Upload Wizard
  • the ways to keyword the assets
  • the different ways to search for assets (and find the right ones!)
  • the different ways to download or distribute assets

Finally we will briefly show you

  • which modules Sharedien offers (e.g. IntegrationHub)
  • Use in Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud (with CI HUB)

Target audience

Customers using Sharedien Content Hub.


none; except the possibility to participate in the practice exercises with your system (via browser).


The cost for the Editor User Training is CHF 500 / participant. Sharedien customers who are supported by brix receive a 20% discount and thus pay CHF 400.- / participant.


The Editor User Training lasts 3 1/2 hours and is conducted online in German language with a group of at least 4 and maximum 12 participants on the following dates:

25. January 2024
08:30 - 12:00