W2P (Web-to-Print) Training

We have decided to split our W2P and DDP seminar into two separately bookable parts

In the W2P (Web-to-Print) part we will show you the following in compact form:

  • what we understand by Web-to-Print or Web-to-Publish
  • which communication media are suitable for Web-to-Print
  • where we see the differentiation from DDP (Dynamic Database Publishing)
  • what the advantages of a strict separation of text and layout are
  • how most error sources can be eliminated at the time of data entry using definable value dependencies between the input field
  • how a W2P system can be integrated into your environment

After this introductory theoretical block we present our brix:papilio online publishing suite and its application in detail

  • from the end user's point of view using concrete customer example
  • when creating templates (defining elements and dependencies as well as layouting

We also give you an overview of the cost structure of brix:papilio.

Target audience

Customers and interested parties who would like to learn more about the possibilities of Web-to-Print (W2P) and the possible applications of brix:papilio




We charge a flat fee of CHF 100 per participant.


The seminar lasts 3 hours and is held in German language with a group of at least 4 and a maximum of 16 participants at the brix Academy (Baslerstrasse 103A in Allschwil) on the following date:

Please contact us regarding possible dates

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