7. CELUM Usergroup Meeting

by Veronika Altenbach

16. November 2020 2 minutes

After the official welcome to the seventh CELUM Usergroup Meeting, the meeting started with an overview of the CELUM Offering 2021.

Georg Payreder, Senior Solution Architect and Reinhard Eisl, Chief Product Officer, at CELUM presented the topics Online Trainings, Support Portal, Demo & Test Systems and Sharing Portal.

Summary of the most important facts

Similar to other companies during this situation, also CELUM is switching to online training courses – instead of the training offered on site. The demo and test environment will be equipped with the latest features in the future. In addition, partners will have the opportunity to test the multitude of integrations in a test environment. Regular customer and partner check-ins will promote communication and strengthen business relationships.

All these points will be included in the offer for the coming year.

After an outlook on where the journey with CELUM will lead, Reinhard Eisel introduced the topic of CELUM Nova UI, followed by the announcement of the new CELUM partner – CI Hub.

Insights about the roadmap and an open round of questions completed the seventh CELUM Usergroup Meeting.


What does the new CELUM interface offer?

After a short look into the crystal ball, the topic CELUM NOVA UI was continued. CELUM, presented the new NOVA UI features. This includes the new filter options, various search restrictions, AI-controlled similarity search, upload via drag and drop, batch tagging and onboarding tours. You can also customize NOVA to match your brand.

If you are interested in the new features of the new CELUM NOVA UI, please register today for the webinar on December 02, 2020.

Michael Degiampietro, Head of DAM and Senior Business Consultant at brix IT Solutions GmbH, presents the new CELUM NOVA UI features during a live demo.

New partnership with CI-Hub

CI HUB Logo Print rot weiss 400px

Through the cooperation with CI-Hub, the full integration of the Adobe Creative Suite and MS Office applications is achieved, with the CELUM ContentHub. Using the usual tools, one can directly access assets in the ContentHub without having to leave the application.

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