The 5 biggest advantages of Akeneo PIM

by Philipp Böhner

21. March 2022 6 minutes

You only want to maintain your product information once, but you would like to use it many times and in a variety of ways for different applications. The resources of your employees are limited. You would like to ensure that they are used effectively and efficiently.

At the same time, you are aware that only high-quality product data can attract, convince and retain customers and generate good sales figures. Returns cost a lot of money, and re-satisfying a disappointed customer requires significant effort.

So, you need more visibility, an easy-to-understand product information control center at the heart of your business, and ways to measure and – if necessary – effectively optimize your product data quality. In addition, your product information management solution should be able to connect seamlessly anywhere so that you can deliver to all the output channels you require, when you require them.

Congratulations! With Akeneo PIM you have landed in the right place.

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