CELUM Toolbox – Powerful Features for CELUM 5 as Cloud Services

by Roland Kannappel

10. August 2017 2 minutes

The CELUM Toolbox newly released seven weeks ago for CELUM 5 has been massively expanded. It can be used as a cloud service by every CELUM user without having to install anything on the CELUM server.

Following lists can be displayed and exported:

  • Metadata of all assets of a node (also recursive)
  • Export and import information fields (localized text and text area) for translation
  • Information field overview with ID, labels, fieldsets and asset types
  • Direct and inherited node permissions including subnodes
  • Node structure
  • User data, filterable by group and status
  • User groups incl. description and parent and child relationships
  • User group hierarchy visualized as directed graph

We are pleased to accept your extension wishes.

Annual use costs CHF 190 (EUR 170) for a single user resp. CHF 390 (EUR 350) for all users of a specific CELUM server. For customers of brix cross media, we provide the service for free.

Please register with your CELUM 5 login at https://celum5-toolbox.brix.ch.