CI HUB Figma & Sketch Connectors

by Philipp Böhner

27. January 2022 1 minute

Do you use one of the powerful digital design tools Figma or Sketch and want to integrate assets such as images, graphics, etc. directly from your digital asset management system?

Now there is a new, powerful solution for this – with the convincing CI HUB Connector.

Connect Figma or Sketch quickly and easily with the DAM system of your choice – e.g. with the proven CELUM ContentHub – and start creating convincing layouts and designs that will inspire your customers.

Connect your design teams to your design files, images, text, and metadata wherever they are.
Figma vector logo
  • Get access to every asset you need.
  • Place your images and metadata directly into Figma from your DAM or cloud storage system.
  • Images always link to the original file, so you can automatically update assets at any time.

To the Plug-in

More information about the Figma Connector
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  • Access your assets directly, no matter where they're stored.
  • Upload your art boards to share with your team.
  • Use a central repository.

More Sketch Plug-ins

More information about the Sketch Connector

Do you have questions about the plugins? As a CI HUB partner, we will be happy to advise you.