Sharedien Release 3.17

by Michael Degiampietro

23. June 2023 2 minutes
Useful features that massively simplify the management of digital assets

The cloud-native SaaS solution Sharedien is the content hub of the future and the linchpin for the entire content orchestration for many well-known brands. Sharedien is based on a headless architecture and thus promotes the seamless interaction of existing systems and easy collaboration between all stakeholders.

With the new release, basic configurations become even easier. The following settings can now be made directly in the GUI:

  • Duplicate detection behavior
  • Automatic file detection
  • ZIP settings and filters to ignore files like Thumbs.db
  • Contact print settings (PDF with previews and metadata)
  • Behavior when deleting files, as well as retention time in the recycle bin
  • Email settings
  • All branding
  • Complete translations/adaptations of the GUI
  • Access tokens for easier connection to your surrounding systems
Other new features:
  • UI components for easy integration with peripheral systems like PIM, CMS, etc.
    • Upload component to upload assets directly from your website to Sharedien
    • Asset browser to easily select assets from Sharedien
  • Context and language dependent storage of automatic AI tags
  • Relations can be created directly when uploading an asset
  • Better version handling, where old versions can be deleted or restored including the metadata of that time
  • Extension of the rule engine and many more automation options
Sharedien Release 3 17

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