The new Akeneo PIM Growth Edition

by Veronika Altenbach

27. April 2021 2 minutes

Akeneo PIM Growth Edition makes an important contribution to supporting smaller and mid-sized companies that need to compete with the big players in today's world. For more products to reach the market faster across the preferred channels, it requires high-quality data managed with limited resources within the organization.

With the Growth Edition, even medium-sized companies become product experience management champions. Easily expand into new channels or open up new markets as a retailer.

Start your PXM journey with Akeneo PIM Growth Edition in the SaaS model and benefit from the core functionalities of the Enterprise Edition.

Product advantages:

  • Collect all product information from different sources in one place.
  • Use the flexibility to design and customize your catalog structure, including categories, families, channels, and locations.
  • Enrich your product information with all the information and data for a great product experience across all of your channels.
  • Monitor the progress of your content enrichment to ensure you don't miss an important attribute, or process a collection of selected products simultaneously with the so-called «bulk actions».
  • Publish your product content directly to your e-commerce stores through seamless integrations.
  • Make use of the same export functions and connectors as in the Enterprise Edition.

These benefits come with Akeneo PIM Growth Edition with no additional installation, upgrade or maintenance effort. Additionally, the Growth Edition is backed by Akeneo Customer Success and Technical Support.

Seize the opportunity to acquire a PIM system that is quickly ready to use, without having to worry about updates and maintenance, and deliver a great product experience to your customers.

Start your future PXM journey with the cost-effective Akeneo PIM Growth Edition. Free up resources to focus on the strategically important tasks.

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