A company's product information is often distributed in Excel files in individual departments, in the merchandise management system or in product catalogs. This product data is available in different formats and must be prepared, formatted and translated for the various output channels according to the context.


To ensure that your products can be used with the relevant product information for online stores, sales catalogs, product data sheets or in logistics without much effort, a central solution is required.

A Product Information Management system helps you collect all marketing-relevant and technical information about your products from any source in a central location, enrich and distribute it to the desired sales channels. Increase the productivity of your teams with a PIM system.

DSC3054 001 fel
DSC3054 001 fel

Bundle product information centrally, enrich and prepare it for specific channels – a PIM system is what makes it possible. Provide your web stores with up-to-date product data, and generate product data sheets and product catalogs without spending a lot of time – fully automated.

Felix Wolff
Senior Software Engineer & Senior Technical Consultant

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Michael Degiampietro
Head of PIM
Project leader & Senior Business Consultant