Digital Rights Management

What is Digital Rights Management in short DRM?

Digital rights management (DRM) is a method of protecting copyright for digital media using technology. Every company is confronted with the challenges of cyber security. Customer data wants to be protected, intended uses want to be respected and proven. Digital rights management protects authors, musicians, filmmakers and other content creators from unauthorized distribution or modification of their works.

How can digital rights management help me?

  • Regulated access, who is allowed to access which content
  • Clear communication about what you can and cannot do with digital media
  • Securing ownership rights with respect to all digital media
  • Protection of sensitive corporate content
  • Avoiding costly lawsuits and legal penalties related to unlawful use

Examples of use

Platforms such as a digital asset management system allow organizations to control access to copyrighted material.

This is done in a number of ways. Among others with:

  • Expiration date: Set an expiration date for media so that once that period expires, access is no longer possible.
  • Metadata: Monitor your digital content through existing metadata, which allows you to capture copyright and licensing information, as well as intended uses. This is critical for tracking licensing details of stock audio files, photos, and videos to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Terms of use: Protect your content by requiring users to read and agree to the user agreement before downloading.
  • Watermark: Include a watermark on your assets to track unauthorized use.


Monitoring the Internet to prevent illegal activity is a difficult task. That's why modern digital asset management systems have built-in DRM features – barriers that prevent digital content from being modified, stored, reproduced or printed without authorization.

By deploying a sophisticated DAM system with integrated digtal rights management, you replace manual usage control. Free up more resources.

More control over the use of your digital content

Make your day-to-day work easier, especially with the increasing amount of digital content for your marketing campaigns and the rapidly growing communication channels.