Digital Assets

What are digital assets, anyway?

If we Google «digital assets», this term is mostly associated with financial assets. An example of this are digital stocks, which can be transferred, stored or traded as an electronic form of payment or exchange.

In the marketing environment, the same term is understood as something entirely different. By definition, a digital asset is «digital material owned by a company or individual, which includes text, graphics, audio, video, and animation» that is enriched and enhanced with additional information. This creates additional value for the company.

Google Digitale Assets

A digital asset is therefore a digital file plus its enrichment with information (metadata).

This metadata increases the value for the company, the file becomes findable and searchable, and access protection can be ensured (e.g. when copyright expires).

What is the purpose of digital assets?

With digital assets, you make your company and thus your brand, products, services and corporate culture tangible.

The digital age challenges companies, predominantly in the way business is done. We know from experience that emotions influence buying behavior. This makes catchy advertising measures all the more important to arouse the interest of potential customers. This is exactly where digital assets such as videos, images, illustrations, etc. play an important role, as they are considered the main drivers for interactions with your company. Use your digital assets in the right way and on the right channels for your customers.
When are digital assets really valuable?

Refining and enriching digital content increases its value. On the one hand, this results in a very specific context for the respective asset, which increases its importance for the company. On the other hand, the findability of the assets is significantly improved. The ease of finding assets increases efficiency and promotes simple management. This saves costs and resources. Maintained metadata and an intelligent taxonomy support you on the way to your goal.

Where are digital assets managed?

You've realized how valuable your digital assets are in relation to your business presence. Every interaction with your brand has a touchpoint through one of your digital assets.

Centralize your digital assets in a digital asset management system as a single source of truth. Manage any kind of metadata there and manage the associated terms of use directly in the system. Integrate the DAM system seamlessly into your system landscape and automate process flows for fast output to your preferred communication channels.

Increase the value of your digital assets – for a unique brand experience

Do you have questions about how to best manage your digital assets? We are happy to support you at any time.