What are keywords?

Keywords are terms or phrases used to identify and describe the content of a web page, document, text, image, video, or other file. Keywords or key phrases serve as description words – also known as «tags».

What role do keywords play in the digital asset management context?

The term keyword is mainly used in search engine marketing. There, keywords are used to optimize the content of a website so that it becomes relevant for certain search queries. Such keywords are incorporated into the title, subtitle, text and other metadata. This improves the visibility of the website in search results.

In the context of DAM, keywords / tags / keyword list entries itself are metadata and are used to describe as well as find digital assets.

Keywords can be applied multilingually – manually or automatically. In addition, keywords are maintained in the digital asset management system as a keyword list. This allows them to be managed individually and permissions can be used to control who can edit or delete existing keywords and who is allowed to create new entries.

In some DAM systems, it is even possible to store keyword synonyms. For example, the German-language keyword «Auto» – translated as «Car» in English and «Voiture» in French – can additionally be provided with the synonyms «Fahrzeug» (vehicle), «Fortbewegungsmittel» ( i.e. means of transport) or «Transportmittel» ( i.e. means of conveyance) in the German language. This ultimately leads to better search results.

What are the benefits of keywords in a DAM context?

Search and filter

By tagging assets with relevant keywords, users can search for specific content. As a result, the search is simplified and the desired content is found much faster. If a user searches for the keyword «vacation», for example, all related images, videos, or other digital media are retrieved.

Categorization and organization

Keywords can be used to classify, organize, and thematically group digital assets. At the same time, a taxonomy structure can also be established in the DAM system. This allows users to search and filter assets based on the assigned keywords, and also find assets with similar properties or topics.

Metadata and context

Keywords also provide context to the digital content. They provide important information about the content, the mood, the target group or about other relevant characteristics. Therefore, the user is fully supported in selecting the right assets.

Rights management

Keywords also assist in managing copyrights and usage rights. Adding certain keywords that indicate specific permissions or licensing agreements makes it easier for users to identify assets that may only be used for certain purposes or are subject to certain restrictions.


Keywords are not only important in SEO and SEA, but equally important when it comes to effective search, organization and management of digital media in a digital asset management system.