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Akeneo Connect

The extension Akeneo Connect enables the synchronization of product information from Akeneo PIM with product assets (images, videos, documents) from CELUM DAM. Besides mapping PIM attributes to DAM information fields of product images, the product structure is also synchronized from Akeneo to CELUM. Product images from CELUM are provided to Akeneo as a URL, binary attribute (e.g. preview) or PAM asset.

Synchronization down to the product/article level takes place automatically at certain intervals. The defined attributes are stored as metadata in CELUM on the node. 

Akeneo Connect Diagram

After assigning the product assets to the structure (automatically or manually), the metadata stored on the node is transferred to the asset. This allows searching for assets with product information as well in CELUM. 

In addition, the associated preview images, download formats, CELUM asset IDs, asset names or original file names, public URLs and other metadata from CELUM are then made available in Akeneo PIM. The sync is triggered when product asset are added, changed or deleted.

Akeneo Connect settings has a user-friendly interface in CELUM DAM for configuring the synchronization (import and export) of the product assets and the API settings (user, link, client ID). Akeneo Connect can be used with Akeneo PIM Community and Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition.

System requirements:

  • Akeneo 2.3
  • CELUM 5.13