Asset Exporter

Our extension "Asset Exporter" exports assets in regular intervals to a defined folder. You can configure

  • the export location (local, FTP, Amazon S3, Microsoft Sharepoint),
  • the node structure and recursiveness,
  • the conflict behavior (assets with the same name),
  • the delta mode,
  • the download format and
  • the interval

per task in the user interface.

This plugin is especially useful for providing images to third party systems (e.g. webshop) and can be used as a drop-in replacement for CELUM Team's similar functionality.

If required, metadata can be exported as CSV or Excel files.


  • 27-Mar-2019: Support for setting an info field as soon as an asset has been exported
  • 22-Mar-2019: Support for manual triggering of exports (context menu on Asset)
  • 17-Mar-2019: Support for user-scoping (with which the export is executed) and view only for "own" exports (except super-admin)
  • 04-Mar-2019: Support for Amazon S3
  • 13-Feb-2019: Support for empty and non-empty in search mode
  • 17-Jan-2019: Configurable Custom Filename Resolver
  • 10-Dez-2018: Support for Public URLs
  • 28-Mar-2018: Combination of several search criteria on search export tasks available
  • 26-Sep-2017: Export configuration, adapt node IDs and mode
  • 16-Feb-2017: The export destination can be either a share available on the server or an FTP server
  • 15-Dec-2016: Extension for logging (the report can either be exported together with the assets or stored locally on the server)
  • 22-Sep-2016: The set of assets to be exported may also be controlled via a search query instead of specifying a node
  • 22-Sep-2016: If metadata has to be processed before the export, a post-processor can be hooked in