Batch Rename & Sort

When uploading content from a digital camera into the CELUM ContentHub, the asset names are usually inconsistent – especially when several photographers are involved. You'll probably want to name them after the event that took place, and sort them in the order that they were taken in. This ensures that your assets appear with a consistent name and in a defined sequence, e.g. for the output to the media portal brix:anura.

Save yourself the time-consuming manual processing and use the extension «Batch Rename & Sort». It enables efficient sorting and renaming of your selected assets.

Use a pattern with prefix and/or suffix and a starting number in the asset name to ensure a descriptive name and sequential numbering. If necessary, you can exclude file extensions that are unnecessary in the asset name.

Available (pre-)sorting criteria are ID, name, file name, date recorded (if recorded by the camera), upload date or modification date. The order can be easily adjusted by Drag & Drop.

In addition, the «Search and Replace» mode allows adjusting certain terms in the name.

All options are available on a selection of assets as well as on the entire node.

Easily create consistency in your file naming