Batch Rename & Sort

Enables efficient renaming and consecutive numbering of selected assets. They can be renamed with a prefix and suffix and a running number (starting from a given value) or you can use search & replace to change certain words in the file name.

Furthermore the order of the assets may be changed in the same dialog using drag & drop or through sorting by id, name, file name, capture date (if recorded by the camera), upload date or modification date.
If desired, the (superfluous) file extension can be omitted in the new name.

The functionality is available on selected assets as well as entire nodes.


  • 23-Aug-2018: Configuration option to show or hide the action menu entry and for parsing of date fields
  • 09-Jan-2017: The pre-sorting can now also take place on the basis of the recording time (EXIF CreateDate), which is particularly useful when several photographers provide images for an event. Further, the tooltip information has been expanded. In addition, several assets can now be selected and moved together.
  • 16-Nov-2016: To support a pre-sorting, an option is now available to select a standard sort order.