Batch Search & Download

This extension is useful for rapidly finding and downloading assets based on a list of supplied names (e.g. part numbers of products). Alternatively, a collection with all matching assets can be created instead. This node will be deleted after a defined time period.

The way of matching assets may be specified in a custom method, so that a partial match (e.g. use the master product image if the requested variant is not available) is sufficient to find assets.

Before downloading or displaying of the node, a list of names for which no assets have been found is displayed, which is particularly useful to check for completeness of catalogs etc.

For mutli-brand companies with different conventions, different matchers can be made available per user group.


  • 25-Jun-2018: Search exact match and start-with of words possible
  • 13-Apr-2018: Search criteria predefinable
  • 30-Aug-2016: Option for searching by an information field value first and fall back to the asset name