Carbon Copy

The extension simplifies the automatic transfer of specific information from a node to an asset. Thus, nodes can be preassigned with different default values. Assets that are assigned to this specific node will automatically receive the predefined values.

The extension also allows you to set an append mode. This allows information fields to be overwritten or merged according to specific rules.

A recursive mode allows values to be set even on assets that are not directly subordinate to a node.

«Carbon Copy PREMIUM» also allows you to individually configure and aggregate values from specific field types such as text, date, numbers, checkbox, node and tag reference, etc. Create configuration templates that can be inherited for easy reuse. Also, you can use them to read values from nodes that are referenced in information fields. In this case, the automatic transfer works as well directly (asset in node) as indirectly (node via node reference to asset).

Easily transfer information fields to added assets