Configurable Filenames

CELUM ContentHub offers the possibility of implementing a specific filename resolver per download format, which is particularly practical when assets have to be exported for the use in another system where very specific file naming conventions are applicable. However, the implementation of a new filename resolver always involves programming effort on behalf of the CELUM implementation partner.

The extension «Configurable Filenames» allows system administrators to set up complex filename resolvers independently by simply configuring them in the «Properties». The compilation of the desired file names is based on parts and rules, which allow the parts to be transformed as desired. Assemble the file names individually from the following parts:

  • assetId
  • name (asset name without file extension)
  • originalName (original file name without file extension)
  • info_{id} (the information field with the given id)
  • version (just an integer)
  • assetType
  • assetTypeId
  • downloadFormat
  • parents (nodes to which the asset is linked to)
  • static_{text} (static text)
  • created (asset creation date)

With this extension, you as a CELUM customer or CELUM implementation partner will save yourself the trouble of implementing filename resolvers in the future.

We are happy to add missing features!

A simple solution for filename implementations!