Create Collection

Do you also want to offer your read-only users the possibility to easily create a collection of objects from a selection of assets, e.g. to create a PIN code on them? Or do you need all assets linked to an asset? Both cases are covered with our plugin.

When you click on the new context menu entry «Create Collection», a dialog appears in which the name of the object collection is entered and a personal object collection is created by clicking on «Create».

In the plugin configuration, the ID of the CELUM root node is entered, under which a container object collection is created per user and the user is assigned the required rights according to a configurable role. In terms of the CELUM license agreement, read-only users are granted the temporary rights necessary to use the extension. With that, only the own collection can be created, filled and deleted.

If the action is executed on a single asset, it is possible to select in the dialog which relation types (e.g. only the images linked to the InDesign document) should be taken into account when selecting the asset relations.

For automatic deletion of the object collections we recommend our «Auto Delete Task» plugin.

Allow each user to create a personal object collection