Date-Controlled Infofields

If, for example, the «confidentiality level», the «licensed countries» or the «addressed target groups» change over time for assets in the CELUM ContentHub, it is not possible in the standard to store a validity period for the individual values. Only for the asset itself, a validity period can be defined.

With the extension «Date-controlled Infofields», the individual values of certain information fields on an asset can be made valid for a limited period of time.

This makes it easy to map even complex, time-controlled copyright or publication rules. A separate dialog can be used, for example, to precisely and clearly organize the duration of use of an image per channel, or to control different release cycles for the use of a flyer per country. The start and expiration dates can be set for each value well in advance with just a few clicks. On the start date, the value is automatically added to the value list and removed from the list after the expiration date.

The information about the individual validity periods can be seen at any time. In case of a multiple selection of assets, different temporary valid values as well as different validity periods on the values are immediately recognizable.

With the extension «Smart Collections» it is also possible to tie the permissions to the daily validity.


  • Make information field values valid for a limited time
  • Error reduction for assets that are not yet or no longer to be used
  • Less manual effort for (de)publishing content
  • More overview of validity periods and temporary values
Limit certain information fields by date