EyeEm Autotagger

The EyeEm Autotagger integrates one of the leading image recognition technologies, EyeEm Vision, with the CELUM ContentHub. This enables images from CELUM DAM to be organized and qualified automatically and in a time-saving manner.

The built-in object recognition and the ability to easily create captions allow intuitive tagging of images. Keywords are automatically assigned to the asset. In addition, images can be rated using an algorithm developed by EyeEm based on their aesthetic quality and their relevance to the visual identity of the brand. EyeEm Vision can be trained using an individual aesthetic model to filter content according to a specific style.

The keywords (in English) are stored in the CELUM ContentHub on a defined node-referencing information field and can be edited manually if necessary. With the additional Auto Translate module, the keywords generated by EyeEm can be automatically translated into all desired languages.

In addition, keywords are automatically stored in alphabetical order within the tag structure. The number of nodes (keywords) per folder can be defined. If the set limit is exceeded, a subfolder is automatically created, keeping the tag structure organized.

Automatically and quickly assign keywords with EyeEm Autotagger