As a company, you can ensure that the latest material is always made available to your teams worldwide. This involves regularly uploading large quantities of assets directly to a defined node in the CELUM DAM system via a designated «hotfolder».

You can control how duplicates are handled, whether a node finder is to be used to generate CELUM node structures and whether the assets are to be deleted locally after the upload via corresponding parameters.

Our extension is available as a «Local Hotfolder» on the CELUM server, i.e. the hotfolder directory must be accessible from the CELUM server. If this is not an option, you can install the Java application «Remote Hotfolder» on any server infrastructure where you have access to it, or locally on your computer. All you need is an installed Java runtime environment.

Note: While CELUM Drive supports user-controlled synchronization of the local file system, «Local Hotfolder» or «Remote Hotfolder» only ever uploads files.

Code Snuppet for Remote Hotfolder
Ensure consistent use of the latest assets for your employees worldwide